Holidays to Cuba 2018

Havana, Baracoa and Santiago.

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba offers sun 'n sand, fun times, and an old-world charm that has till date resisted the march of modernity. Its location makes it an ideal place for traveling to other romantic places, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. The sights, sounds, food, music, and people of Cuba present a mix that enriches the senses and the soul.

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Holidays to Havana 2018

Havana, one of the world's most charming cities is the capital, and a must visit. Cycle or walk. These are the best ways to discover Havana. Indeed, the entire country can be discovered on cycles. Take a stroll along the Malecon; this is where the locals come to have a good time, and you can join in. Feel the city's vibes at the Prado. This street with its cafes and buzz of people is a good place for a walk in the evening. Guided walking tours, an evening at the fabled Tropicana bar, a baseball game there's much on offer here.


Plan your Holiday to Cuba, Baracoa

Baracoa, once the capital, has a very Caribbean culture. You can taste it in the rice and fish dishes, experience it in the music and salsa, and live it up with the locals over beer. Pinar del Rio is tobacco country and also grows many fruits. Visit this city for a relaxing day's stay. The many limestone cliffs, caves, beautiful traditional houses, fields and orchards, and the opportunity to ride horses makes the place a beautiful stopover in a journey to discover Cuba. If you seek an exclusive experience, then head to Varadero. The city boasts beaches with powdery sands and seas of the deepest turquoise. The golf course here is one of the most famous ones in the Caribbean. Visit the Bellamar Caves, enjoy camel rides at the Parque Josone, and enjoy Delfinario - the dolphin show.

Plaza de Armas, Havana, Cuba

Hotel al di Castillo, Baracoa, Cuba

Travel to Cuba in 2018

If you love wandering and discovering things for yourself, then Trinidad - a world heritage site - is a great place to for you. Salsa dancing in the city square, beautiful period homes with antique furniture, and great food await the lucky visitor.

Santiago, the second-most important city in Cuba after Havana and inextricably linked with Fidel Castro, is easily accessible by air. The city has beautiful plazas, a beautiful Spanish influence. Live music in the many dining places adds charm to the eating out experience here.

The many national parks, plentiful fresh fruit, fresh food at the paladares, Cuban cigars and beer, and the history of the region make Cuba a great holiday destination that is easy on the wallet.